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To use the YNAB, try saying…

Alexa, ask Why Nab for the balance of Groceries
Alexa, tell Why Nab to record a new transaction for 9 dollars
Alexa, launch Why Nab

Have Alexa help you gain total control of your money! The YNAB Alexa Skill makes checking a category balance or recording new spending a breeze!

Never heard of YNAB? (Alexa pronounces it “Why Nab” and you should too.) It stands for You Need A Budget. It’s a powerful methodology coupled with award-winning software on the web, mobile, and now this companion Alexa Skill.

This is a companion skill for YNAB. It requires that you first set things up with YNAB at Once you have have a YNAB account, have enabled the skill and linked your YNAB account, you are ready to budget like a pro.

To check a category balance:
· “Alexa, ask Why Nab What’s the balance of Transportation?”
· “Alexa, ask Why Nab for the balance of Eating Out”
· “Alexa, ask Why Nab are we able to spend any money on Gifts?”
· “Alexa, ask Why Nab how much cash do we have available to spend in our Gas category?”

To record new spending:
· “Alexa, tell Why Nab to record a new transaction.”
· “Alexa, tell Why Nab I just spent 9 dollars and 32 cents.”
· “Alexa, tell Why Nab I just received 10 bucks.”
· “Alexa, tell Why Nab I received 5 dollars yesterday.”

At any time you can say:
· “I’m done”
· “Help”
· “Start over”
· “Quit”

To get started, we’ll ask you to securely sign in with your YNAB email and password and select a budget for Alexa to access. You can revoke this access at any time from the “My Account” page.

Disclaimer: This skill may not be suitable for all ages so parental discretion is advised.

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