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To use the Capital One, try saying…

Alexa, Open Capital One
Alexa, ask Capital One what’s my account balance?
Alexa, ask Capital One to make a credit card payment.

Have a Capital One credit card, checking, or savings account–or even better, all three? Then take this skill for a spin. If you have an auto or home loan with us, you can now ask about those, too.

Once you’ve enabled the skill, say “Alexa ask Capital One…”

For your credit card:
· “What’s my current credit card balance?”
· “When is my credit card bill due?”
· “To pay my credit card bill.”

For your bank accounts:
· “What’s my checking account balance?”
· “What are my recent transactions?”

For your auto loan:
· “What’s my car loan principal balance?”
· “What’s my payoff quote?”
· “When is my car loan due?”

For your home loan:
· “What’s the principal balance on my mortgage?”
· “When is my next mortgage payment due?”
· “How much is my next mortgage payment?”

Heads-up, to get started, you’ll sign in with your Capital One username and password (which we keep completely private) and create a personal key for extra security.

And if you want more from us, that’s great! Because we’re building new features even as you read this. But in the meantime, check out for more info.

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