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BMW Connected

BMW Connected

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To use the BMW Connected, try saying…

Alexa, open BMW.
Alexa, ask BMW if my doors are locked.
Alexa, tell BMW to activate the climate control.

Stay connected to your BMW with Alexa. Find out when you should leave for your next trip, check the status of your doors, windows, and fuel level, or even remotely lock the doors or turn on the climate control.

You can ask questions or give commands such as:

Trip Management
What is my next trip?
When should I leave for my next trip?
What time is my next appointment?
Send my next trip to the car.

Remote Services
Activate the climate control.
Lock the doors.

Vehicle Status
Are my doors locked?
Are my windows up?
What’s my range?

Please note:
• The BMW Connected Skill currently only supports users in the United States.
• While the best experience with the BMW Connected Skill requires an active ConnectedDrive subscription, you can still enjoy some of the functionality without one – such as finding information about your next trip.
• Only one BMW vehicle per ConnectedDrive account can be used with this Skill (for users with multiple vehicles linked to their account, this will be the first/primary vehicle).
• Alexa will send remote service requests to your vehicle, but cannot currently confirm the status of those requests.
• Remote services are not available while your vehicle is in motion.
• Some remote services and vehicle status checks may not be available for certain BMW models.
• For security reasons, you can choose to block commands from Alexa to BMW Connected when desired via a switch on the Alexa page within the BMW Connected mobile app.
• For BMW customer support: 1 888-333-6118

Skill details
B. M. W.

BMW Technology Group

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